Thursday, May 28, 2015

No More OFWGKTA ???

 What does the "Future" hold for OFWGKTA???

Tyler the Creator has recently tweeted that the Hip-Hop collective OFWGKTA might be "done" for good. What does this mean for the other members of the group? Earl Sweatshirt has recently released his album "I Don't Like Shit...." along with Tyler's release of "Cherry Bomb" which can mean OF is not breaking up but this can just be Tyler being his old emo self. We can also be on the lookout for Frank Oceans new album as well. If the break up is true and not a social media overreaction, like always, what does this mean for Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G and Domo? Will they continue to create music or is this the last we have seen of these gifted Cali cats? Only the future tells the rest of this story. My money is on a NEW OFWGKTA tape that will be dropped at random.

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