Thursday, May 28, 2015

No More OFWGKTA ???

 What does the "Future" hold for OFWGKTA???

Tyler the Creator has recently tweeted that the Hip-Hop collective OFWGKTA might be "done" for good. What does this mean for the other members of the group? Earl Sweatshirt has recently released his album "I Don't Like Shit...." along with Tyler's release of "Cherry Bomb" which can mean OF is not breaking up but this can just be Tyler being his old emo self. We can also be on the lookout for Frank Oceans new album as well. If the break up is true and not a social media overreaction, like always, what does this mean for Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G and Domo? Will they continue to create music or is this the last we have seen of these gifted Cali cats? Only the future tells the rest of this story. My money is on a NEW OFWGKTA tape that will be dropped at random.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

NEW MUSIC by Marq Iggy

In light of the rioting that has been happening around the United States over the lives of innocent black males I have created some background music for those who are out there on the front line protesting for the right causes. Black lives STILL and will always matter. We are ONE !!

 For the soldiers lost in this war we call life.

Monday, January 26, 2015

ACCORDING TO IGGY: What's New In Hip-Hop This Month

2014 was a HORRIBLE year for Hip-Hop/Rap music. No major releases besides J-Cole, Nicki Minaj and a few more rappers. Though music was released, with a few exceptions, everything was trash. Great singles were released but no great albums. This had me thinking is niggas just going to release singles for now on? And then 2015 rolls around and we ALREADY have two GREAT mixtapes out now. One by Lil Wayne/Lil Tunechi and one by Future. They definitely jump started the year with those two releases. It seems as if Lil Wayne has harnessed his inner Drought Wayne and is back on his beat jacking, ripping everything in sight shit. After hearing Sorry for the Wait 2 I can't WAIT to hear Lil Wayne's Carter 5. Future also dropped a hot mixtape in collaboration with one of my favorite producers Zaytoven. I've never been a fan of Future but with beats from Zaytoven I may have to start making exceptions. The beat on Peacoat is SOOOO FUCKING VICIOUS it's ridiculous. I'm excited to see what 2015 has to hold for the Hip-Hop community.

Here are my favorite tracks from the two mixtapes.

Lil Wayne - Hot Nigga

Future - Peacoat

Sunday, January 11, 2015


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Friday, January 9, 2015


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Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Creating This New Mixtape To Show Everyone Where I'm From.

Miami Gardens Is Like The Chicago Of Florida. A Bunch Of Frustrated Niggas Who Have Tried All Ways In Their Power To Get Money But STILL Isn't Rich. Niggas Like Me Who Went To School, Tried That Shit, And It Wasn't For Us. We Know We Are Destined For Greatness Either We Earn It Or Take It. In This Case I'm Doing Both. I'm Earning My Stake In This Game And I'm Taking It From ANY Fuck Nigga Who Don't Wanna Give His Little Piece Of The Pie Up. I'm NOT A Gangster Rapper, I'm Not A Trap Rapper Either. Just Look At Me As A Tyler The Creator Type Nigga Who Is Making Street Bangers As Well As Thrashing Shit. I'm The TOTAL PACKAGE My Nigga. Making My OWN Beats, OWN Promo, OWN Lyrics And Producing My OWN Shit. You Gotta Fucks With The Kid Because I'm The ONLY Nigga From Miami Gardens Doing This Shit. Mainly Because Most Of These Dudes Are Out Robbing And Killing For Their Cash. NEW Mixtape Coming Out This Month, In The Meantime, Check Out My Soundcloud And Let Me Know What You Think.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Rap Music From Marq IGGY

LIKE --------------------------------- COMMENT First Track I'm Releasing From My NEW Mixtape Dropping THIS MONTH ! The Tape As Of Now Is Nameless But I Will Have One In A Few Days. It's Marq Iggy, The ONLY Nigga From MIami Gardens Doing His OWN Promo, Beats, Lyrics, Rock Music And Everything Else. Fucks With The Kid. LIKE SUBSCRIBE SHARE